The Research Committee is one of the permanent Committees of the UV, a collegiate body of a consultative and advisory nature to the Governing Council in matters of research in accordance with arts. 146 and 147 of the Constitution of the Universitat de València and ACGUV Regulation 265/2005 on the internal rules of the Research Committee.


The Committee is composed of:

  1. The Vice-Principal responsible for research or the person delegated by the Vice-Principal, who chairs it.
  2. Sixteen representatives of the departments attached to the academic areas referred to in Article 164.3 of the Constitution.
  3. Two representatives of research institutes.
  4. One representative of the trainee research staff elected by the Senate trainee research staff.
  5. One student representative - doctoral student - elected by student members of the Senate.
  6. One representative of the administrative and service staff elected by the Senate members representing the administrative and service staff.
  7. The head of the Research Service, who shall act as secretary, with voice but no vote, unless they are an elected member.


The functions of the Committee:

  1. Counsel the bodies responsible for research.
  2. Propose and coordinate the scientific and research policy of the UV.
  3. Propose the distribution of the research budget allocation.
  4. Propose the call for specific research grants and aids.
  5. Carry out annual monitoring of research funded by the UV.
  6. Draw up the annual research report.
  7. All those functions entrusted to it by the Principal or the GC.