In accordance with the regulatory framework described above, at the UV the following are considered to be R&D executing structures: non-grouped researchers attached to university departments, registered research groups, interdisciplinary research structures or ERIs, university research institutes and attached institutes.

They also carry out R&D activities, especially in collaboration with other research groups at the UV, the Special centres: Botanical Garden and Astronomic Observatory.

Finally, for the better development of its research function, and generally as a result of the incentives offered by various public funding calls for the aggregation of critical mass in research, new structures have arisen that are compatible with the previous ones in which the UV participates, including the following:

  • Funded by National Plan: Consolider Groups, Biomedical Research Network Centres (CIBER) and the INCLIVA Health Research Institute.
  • Funded by the Regional Plan of the Valencian Community: Prometheus Groups of Excellence and Higher Cooperative Research Institute (ISIC)
  • Funded by the UV (VLC/Campus): Research microclusters