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Born in la Font de la Figuera (1960). Full professor of Applied Mathematics in the Faculty of Mathematics Science. Graduate in Mathematics Science by the Universitat de València, with the Extraordinary award.

Master of Arts in Mathematics by the University of California, Los Angeles. PhD in Philosophy in Mathematics from the University of California (degree homologated as the PhD in Mathematics Science).

Her teaching is focused on the field of differential equations and numerical methods in different undergraduate and Master's degrees. She has six five-year terms of certified teaching activity.

She Participated in the group promoting the teaching innovation project “Innocampus Explora” and participates in the teaching innovation project “Concienciar sobre los Objetivos de Desarrollo Sostenible mediante las Ecuaciones Diferenciales Ordinarias”, both from the Universitat de València.

Her research is focused on the analysis, modelling and simulation of hyperbolic equations and in multi-resolution and multi-scale methods. The author of numerous indexed articles, she has constantly participated in projects conducted with public funding.

She has also been the lead researcher in projects “Técnicas Adaptativas Multinivel: Aplicaciones” and “Descomposición Multiescala, Aplicaciones en Dinámica de Fluidos Computacional y Procesamiento de Imágenes”, funded by the Ministry of Science and Innovation and by the Valencian Government, within its programme for consolidated groups.

She’s been a coordinator of a Node of projects “Hyperbolic and Kinetic Equations: Asymptotics, Numerics, Aplications”, “Breaking Complexity in Numerical Modelling and Data Representation” and “Wavelet and Multiscale Methods in Numerical Analysis and Simulation”, funded by the European Commission and the coordinator of Spanish-French collaboration project “Multiscale Methods for Partial Differential Equations’”. She has directed 6 PhDs.

She’s the co-author of two books about “Numerical Methods for linear algebra” and “Numerical Approximation”. She conducted stays with a total durations of 6 years in the University of California (UCLA). She’s been an evaluator in AQU, ACSUG and ANEP in the field of Applied Mathematics. She has five six-year terms of certified research activity.

She’s been the Vice-President of the Spanish Society of Applied Mathematics and the President of the Local Organizing Committee of the International Congress on Applied and Industrial Mathematics, ICIAM, organized in Valencia in 2019.

In the Universitat de València, she’s occupied the position of the Vice Dean of the Faculty of Mathematics Science and, for many years, partook in the Research Committee.