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To obtain a certificate, students can aplly via: 

1. UV Virtual Secretary (ENTREU): Students can access information, services and online applications of the UV administrative services. Among others, students can have access to their enrolment certificate, school insurance, and enrolment fees certificates.

2. The School Registrar’s Office: (more information:

  • Students (or any other authorised person) may be received at the Registrar’s Office during opening times.
  • The issuing of some certificates may involve the payment of an administrative fee: the renewal of large family status, the enrolment fees certificate, school insurance certificate, proof of current enrolment (no fee), academic record certificate (with fee).
  • The Registrar’s Office will issue a bank receipt for payment of fees that must be paid and returned together with the application form.
  • The certificate can be collected within five days, for which students will have to provide: the payment receipt and a valid ID (ID card, passport, student card or driving licence). If the applicant is not able to collect the certificate in person, this can be done by an authorised person (who will have to provide an authorisation, a photocopy of the represented person’s ID card and their own ID card.
Procedure Action Documentation Application form
Official  academic  transcript (Undergraduate and  Master’s Degree)


Pay the fee, if applicable, and deliver the payment receipt at the  Registrar’s Office together with the  application form




Enrolment  certificate (Undergraduate  and  Master’s Degree)    


Certificate of payment of school insurance (Undergraduate and  Master’s Degree) Information  


Enrolment fees certificate (Undergraduate and Master’s Degree) Information  


Compensatory curricular evaluation (Undergraduate Degree)

Regulations  of compensatory curricular  evaluation  ACGUV 35/2015

  • Application after advanced extraordinary examination (from 15 October to 15 November 2019)
  • Application for the first call, first semester subjects: from  27  January  to 6  March   2020
  • Application for the first call, second semester and annual subjects, and for the second calls in all the subjects: from 15 June  to 31  July   2020


Credit transfer and recognition  (Undergraduate and Master’s Degree)

Regulations for  credit transfer  and recognition

Academic recognition  regulations for the participation in cultural, sport, of student representation, solidary and cooperation activities.

Directive of the Commission for Postgraduate Studies for the credits recognition (Master’s Degree) 

Instructions to apply for the recognition of work placement credits for working experience. 

Language  Training Certificate This certificate is subject to administrative fees. The deadline to obtain the certificate will be communicated by the Registrar’s Office on application