Virologia ambiental i biomèdica: aplicacions de bacteriòfags i altres virus en salut global - EnBiVir

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The Environmental and Biomedical Viruses Lab is located at the Insitute for Integrative Systems Biology (I2SysBio, UV-CSIC). Research at the EnBiVir lab is focused in the isolation and detection of viruses in nature with biomedical applications. Environmental virology, viral emergence, virus evolution, and phage discovery in the biomedical context, are the main research lines. Phages are ubiquitous in the environment and immensely diverse, making phage discovery a powerful source of new therapies against pathogenic bacteria, due to the emergence of multidrug-resistant strains. In addition, the lab is interested in environmental epidemiology, mainly in SARS-CoV-2 detection in wastewater and other natural environments, as a tool for monitoring populations and as early detection tool in surveillance. In addition, the group is interested in translational research, and has transfer contracts with national companies with biomedical and biotech purposes.

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Objectius cientificotècnics:
  • Environmental virology, viral emergence, virus evolution, and phage discovery and biomedical applications.
Línies d'investigació:
  • Epidemiologia viral ambiental. Monitoring natural and anthropogenic environments for disease surveillance, specially viral outbreaks. Detection of emerging viruses in natural environments and development of quantification techniques for population monitoring. Study of new transmission routes of emerging viruses.
  • Aplicacions biomèdiques dels fags. Biomedical applications of bacteriophages, including diagnosis, prevention, and therapy, as an alternative tool against multidrug-resistant bacteria. Isolation and characterization of novel phages, directed evolution for phage optimization, resistant emergence, and nanotechnology.
Components del grup:
Nom Caràcter de la participació Entitat Descripció
Pilar Domingo CalapDirector-a UVEG-Valencia Investigador-a contractat-ada Ramón y Cajal
Equip d'investigació
Pavel BartovskyMembre UVEG-Valencia Investigador-a doctor-a UVEG Senior
Mireia Bernabeu GimenoCol·laborador-a UVEG-CSIC-Valencia Investigador-a extern-a- Centre mixt
Javier Enrique Cañada GarcíaCol·laborador-a ISCIII-Madrid Investigador-a en formació
Robby Concha ElokoCol·laborador-a UVEG-Valencia Investigador-a contractat-ada predoctoral Santiago Grisolía
Felipe Manuel Fernández CuencaCol·laborador-a FISEVI-Sevilla Facultatiu
Celia Ferriol GonzalezCol·laborador-a UVEG-Valencia Investigador-a en Formació Seji
Silvia García CobosCol·laborador-a ISCIII-Madrid Investigador-a
Amanda Martínez GarcíaCol·laborador-a UVEG-Valencia Tècnic-a Mitjà Prometeu
Lucas Mora QuilisCol·laborador-a UVEG-Valencia Investigador-a en Formació Predoctoral FPU
Marco Pardo FreireCol·laborador-a UVEG-Valencia Oficial de laboratori UVEG
Equip de Treball
María Luisa Domingo CalapEquip de Treball TRAGSA-Valencia Investigador-a
Ana Gil BrusolaEquip de Treball UVEG-Valencia Metge-ssa