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Signature requests can come from:

  • Any electronic procedure managed from TRAMITEM. On many occasions, resolutions are generated in the management of the administrative record. These resolutions or documents are sent to the 'signature holder' with a prefixed signature circuit (one or more signatories, with a previous visa, etc.)
  • The signatory her/himself uploads the documents to be signed.
  • Through two internal management procedures that allow the managers of the administrative units of the UV to pass documents that need the signature of the Management. These two procedures are used by the Management Units to pass documents to the Management's signature. Only authorised persons from the Unit can access the documents and these can only be signed by those who have been previously authorised to do so:

  • REDFirma: a procedure that allows documents to be sent and received for signature. The signature is done WITHOUT any prior POSITIONING. By default, it is inserted at the foot of the document. It allows several options: first page, all pages, last page.


  • GENFirma: procedure that allows sending and receiving documents for signature. It allows to include a previous visa of the documents to be signed before arriving to the signatory. The signature can be positioned at the manager's will.


  • From other applications or backoffices. The applications send documents to the PortaSignatures, they are deposited in the signatory(s)' signature tray, the necessary signature circuit is carried out and the signed document(s) are returned to the applications.

Ohter apps and Backoffices