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The Universitat de València is the most active university in terms of promoting the employment among their graduates

  • May 31st, 2018
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According to a study of IVIE (Valencian Institute of Economic Research) and BBVA Foundation, the Universitat de València is the most active academic institution in terms of promoting the employment among their graduates. The Universitat de València is followed by the Universitat Politécnica de Valencia and the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid.

The report shows that these universities achieve better scores in ten policy areas that intend to help students to find a workplace related to their studies and skills. Particularly, the Universitat de València holds the first place with a score of 82.2. The Politècnica de València has a score of 78.8 and the Politécnica de Madrid obtains 76.8 points. They are followed by the universities of Deusto, Pompeu Fabra and Autónoma de Barcelona.

The monograph Itinerarios de inserción laboral y factores determinantes de la empleabilidad: formación universitaria versus entorno analyses the contribution of the universities to employability. It distinguishes the factors that can control the institutions and their economic and working environment.

The monograph includes a study to the actions intended to promote employability among the graduates in 63 Spanish Universities. The analysis identifies a total of 1,425 actions or employability promotion programmes. This sets an average of 23 activities per university. The Universitat de València, the Universitat Politécnica de València, the Univesidad Politécnica de Madrid and Deusto University are the most active universities in this sense.

The higher rates of employment are in Health Sciences and Engineering, reaching 80%. Medicine and Electronic Engineering are near full employment (97.7% and 98%, respectively).  The lowest rates of employment can be found in Arts and Humanities, a branch whose average is 64.3%. In some cases the employment rate is only 50.6%, such as in the case of French Philology.

Because of this, the universities that have specialised in degrees that have a higher demand in the work market obtain better results in terms of labour integration.

The report was supervised by the Director of Research of Ivie, Francisco Pérez. It has been conducted by the researchers of the institute and the professors of the Universitat de València Joaquín Aldás, José María Peiró and Lorenzo Serrano. They collaborated with the technical team of Ivie, which is made up by Belén Miravalles, Ángel Soler e Irene Zaera.