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What is the Employement Entrepreneurship and  and Forum? 

The Employement and Entrepreneurship Forum of the Universitat de València is an annual event aimed to facilitate the face-to-face contact between, on the one hand, companies and entities, and on the other hand, students and graduates.


The main objective is to promote quality job by offering a unique opportunity to connect the students and graduates from Universitat de València who are looking for a job opportunity or a better job, with the RH managers from the companies.

Similarly, there will be speeches, workshops, and round tables so companies can make their organisations known and inform of the profiles they request.


UVjob, Professional Placement and Careers Advice Monitoring Centre of the Universitat de València is in charge of organising the Employement and Entrepreneurship Forum.

UVjob’s objective is to help students and graduated from Universitat de València employability and to improve their professional opportunities through the services of Guidance and Advising, Employment, Courses and Studies and Research.