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► Index h report:

This report analyses the position of researchers at the University of Valencia in their respective disciplines, according to the ranking prepared by the Grupo para la Difusión del Índice h (DIH). The ranking measures the scientific quality of researchers based on the number of times their articles have been cited and makes a classification based on the h index, specific to each discipline, of the seven areas of knowledge into which it is divided, based on the ISI Web of Science database of scientific publications.

- Position of researchers at the University of Valencia by discipline according to the ranking of the Group for the Dissemination of the Index h (IHD). July 2020


►Researchers from the University of Valencia at HCR:

Highly Cited Researchers (HCR), is an annual list identifying the world's most influential researchers over the past decade, elaborated by Clarivate Analytics. It recognizes researchers who have demonstrated a production of multiple highly cited articles that rank in the top 1% in number of citations per field and year on the Web of Science Core Collection. Researchers are selected for their exceptional performance in one or more of 21 broad fields (those used in the Web of Science Group's Essential Science Indicators, or ESI) or across several fields (cross-field). In 2021 (production period 2010-2020) the following researchers from the University of Valencia appear in HCR:

  • Artemi Cerda (has an impact in Agricultural Sciences and Ecology on the one hand and Environment on the other)
  • Pablo P. Boix (stands out in the Multidisciplinary category)
  • Gustau Camps-Valls (in Geosciences)
  • Dolores Corella (in Multidisciplinary)

- Access to HCR list in 2021

- Evolution of Researchers from the University of Valencia at HCR


►Stanford University - World Ranking of Scientists, is a ranking of more than 160,000 scientists who conform the Top 2% most cited authors based on publications and citations.

Elsevier BV and Stanford University produce a public database that ranks the top scientists worldwide. The classification provides standardized information on citations, h-index, co-authorship-adjusted hm-index, citations to articles in different authorship positions, and a composite indicator. Scientists are classified into 22 scientific fields and 176 subfields.

The database shows data on the most cited authors separately: throughout  research career and for a specific year, therefore, the information is structured as follows:

   - Career: Scopus citations for 22 years (from January 1, 1960 to December 31, 2020).
   - Year2020: Scopus citations for a single year, 2020.

The tables correspond to the October 19, 2021 version (3) published by the journal PLOS BIOLOGY and are based on the August 01, 2021 snapshot from Scopus with data updated to the 2020 citation year. two lists of scientists of the Universitat de València are detailed, in the first list there are 109 researchers limited to 2020 and in the second list there are 87 researchers according to their impact throughout their research career.

- Access to the list of most cited authors of the Universitat de València only in 2020
- Access to the list of the most cited authors of the Universitat de València throughout their career (1960-2020)
- Access to the database