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Next we present an index of the procedures that can be carried out at the Faculty of Biological Sciences, with an indication on how to submit the associated application: by filling a secretariat form or through ENTREU (user manual).






Academic Record Transfer to another center of the Univesity of Valencia Form
Academic Record Transfer to another University ENTREU
Adaptation to new Degrees Form 
Advanced Extraordinary Examination Sitting ENTREU
Certificate of Admission to Degree Studies ENTREU
Certificate of Registration ENTREU
Certificate of Students Insurance ENTREU
Certificates (others) Form
Certified Copies Form
Credits Recognition from University Activities Participation Form
Credits Recognition of Degree, Master's Degree, Higher Technician, or Work Experiencie ENTREU
Curricular Assessment through Compensation ENTREU
Degree/Master Title ENTREU
Direct Debit  
Doctoral Degree  
Enrolment Cancellation ENTREU
Enrolment Exemption for Used Attempts Form
European Diploma Supplement (EDS)  
Exam Grade Contesting ENTREU
Extraordinary Examination Sitting Form
General Application  
Internships involving regular contac with minors ENTREU
Official Academic Certificate Bachelor's Degrees Form
Official Academic Certificate University and Master's Degree ENTREU
Part- Time Studies Admission ENTREU
Part-Time Enrolment ENTREU
Proof of Payment of Enrolment Fees ENTREU
Refunding of Fees ENTREU
Resumption of Studies ENTREU
Shipment of Degrees Form
Subjects Programmes Form
TFG (Application for the Defence) ENTREU
TFM (Application for the Defence) ENTREU
Title Duplicate Form
UV Card modifications Form