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  • Establishing links for work and cooperation between the Faculty of Economics and Centres, and Training Cycles and High School teachers and students.
  • Encouraging and stimulating entrepreneurial activity.
  • Rewarding initiative and creativity, through the presentation of a company project.
  • Encouraging skills development such as observation, taking risks, decision-making, conflict resolution, social awareness, respect for the environment and teamworking.


The Project will consist of presenting a work, carried out by two or 4 students group, lead by a Training Cycle and High School teacher. In the Project will be presented an idea and a business project.


Students registered in Higher degree Training Cycles and Valencian Community High Schools.

Organised by:

Faculty of Economics. Commission of Cooperation with Secondary education

With the cooperation of:

  • Chair “Entrepreneuership excellence and development: from students to businessman”.
  • Chair “International finances” from Santander Bank.

Projects assessment

An evaluation commission of projects will be named by the Faculty of Economics. Projects assessment will be anonymous. The Commission will be leaded by the Faculty of Economics dean (or the person delegated for that purpose) and will be integrated by the Faculty of Economics teaching staff and members of the institutions that finance the competition.

All the projects presented will be analysed by the assessment commission, that will select the 10 finalist projects. Each one of these projects will be showed in the hall of the Faculty of Economics by the team that elaborated it, through posters, information boards or any other way.

Finalist projects exhibition

The exhibition of the finalist projects will take place in the Universitat de València Faculty of Economics, the 13th of May 2021, 10:00h in the lobby of the Faculty.

All the students and professors from Training Cycles and High School (Bachillerato) will be invited.

Other requirements

The participation in the competition impies the aceptation of its bases and the decision taken by the evaluation commission, which is the responsible for any doubt or unanticipated claims.