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Course in Management: Achieving and sustaining competitive differentiation in international markets

Taught by Professor: Constantine S. Katsikeas, Leeds University Business School, Leeds, United Kingdom

Course description

As a result of the increasing globalization of markets and intensifying competition in many industries, the design and implementation of appropriate competitive strategies has become vitally important for the survival, growth, and profitability of modern business organizations.  In particular, leading global organizations recognize that they must differentiate themselves in order to establish, develop, and maintain a superior market position in those markets or segments they have chosen to operate worldwide.  In order to achieve this, firms involved in international operations must be able to understand foreign customers and their requirements and create competitive value offerings through the design and implementation of effective business strategies.  Serving customers better than competitors and continuing to do so as market forces change is a fundamental aspect of contemporary business thought.

By the end of this seminar, participants will be able to: first, appreciate the tasks and responsibilities of and the challenges facing senior executives in formulating and implementing competitive strategies in different market contexts worldwide; second, understand the process of competitive advantage achieved and performance outcomes in firms pursuing international business operations; and third, familiarize themselves with influential research on building competitive advantage and enhanced performance in international markets.

Course outline

  1. The notion of competitive differentiation in international business operations
  2.  Developing a unique business model – Practical examples and case studies from the global marketplace
  3.  The process of competitive advantage achieved and enhanced performance outcomes
  4.  Developing effective international marketing strategies: drivers and performance effects
  5.  Current research projects and future directions on competitive advantage, its drivers, and its performance outcomes
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