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Cisco Jobber is the new chat of intern Cisco of the UV, similar to Skype or WhatsApp, integrated with the IP Telephony of the UV with multiplatform support (Windows, Mac)

Among its main characteristics the UV users will be provided with different services such as: Directory search, call and answer by using the PC, Chat (Enable the creation of chat groups. Ex: Office of the Secretary), Send of files (Send of Files to Groups and Individuals), Desktop Sharing, Presence System (If the user on the phone or busy), Integration with shared Agenda (Google, Outlook)

In the future we will be provided with advanced characteristics such as IP video calls and Cisco Jabber integration with mobile devices and tablets.

Here you can find a Quick Use Guide of Cisco Jabberr QUICK GUIDE Cisco Jabber



  • Directory: Search in the UV shared directory: The possibility of creating a personal directory is included. Introduce user’s name and/or surname you want to search. Once the user has been found we can choose between phoning him directly, add him to our personal contacts or opening a chat window.


  • IP telephone control: You can answer and make calls from Cisco Jabber. Through the green button located at the top right of the chat window it is possible for the IP Telephone to call to the so-called user automatically.



  • Chat: Instant messaging system with the possibility to create private chat groups as with WhatsApp. All information is sent encrypted. Through the fast access of the lower-right corner a screen capture can be sent as well as sending files, using emoticons, modifying the typography, adding more users to the chat window. 



  • Sending files: Offering the possibility of sending files among users Ex: PDF, text files, etc....



  •  Share desktop: Users can show their desktop to other users and even controlling it remotely this function is activated through the icon placed next to the call icon with an upward pointing arrow 



  • Presence: Indicating the users’ status If they are on the phone, absent, busy.  By means of an icon, next to the user, that change of colour according the users’ status. It is allowed to create customised status Ex: ‘In a meeting’


  • Shared agenda: Integration with Microsoft Outlook, Lotus Note or Google Calendar.




In order to call for the Cisco Jabber activation users should complete a registration request through an application form “Fill in the customer registration” through the following link:

Consequently, when your registration has been successfully approved, some tutorial videos are shown where you can see how and where you can download the software and its subsequent installation and configuration. It is very easy to install and configure.



The client is available both for Windows and Macintosh

[Cisco Jabber Download Video]


[Installation and configuration Video]

If you had any problem with the process you can contact the CAU of the UV

Note: You must have requested the previous Cisco Jabber activation of the “step 2”