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History of Science Museums Guide

  • July 16th, 2020
Palau de Cerveró
Palau de Cerveró

The “Vicent Peset Llorca” Historical Medical Library of the Universitat de València, located at the Palau de Cerveró, has prepared a  History of Science, Medicine and Technology Museums Guide.

In the guide you will find the museums classified under a territorial division, grouping the museums by continents and countries, as long as there are more than one in the same country.

Each museum in the guide links to its website (or to its page within the place of its institution, if it does not have its own page), a small description indicating its specialization or the most notable of its collection and, finally, a small image of your logo or a photograph of your collection.

We hope that this guide will serve as a tool for researchers working in these areas. The guide will be regularly updated with new museums or links.

You can visit the Museus Guide at this link.