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TROBES is the browser of the libraries of the University of Valencia. It allows you to find resources by an only and easy search, similarly to that of great Internet browsers like Google.

TROBES name alludes to the incunable “Obres e trobes en lahors de la Verge Maria”, collection of 40 poems in valencian, 4 poems in spanish and 1 poem in toscany which were printed in Valencia in 1474 by Lambert Palmart. It is the first literary book printed in Spain. As far as we know, this unique book is the only one in the word and it is placed in the Historical Library of the University of Valencia.

In the lists of results you can find:

  • Books and other library information resources
  • Documents included in our repository, RODERIC
  • Scientific articles, book chapters, talks and communications, doctoral theses
  • E-books
  • Other contents of public access

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