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    "Weight of Thought" Project

    Yesterday we had in our library the visit of teachers Maria Vidagañ and Amparo Alonso-Sanz, within the framework of their artistic project "Weight of thought", consisting of a series of actions that are developing during this week in the libraries of the University of Valencia, as a part of the events for November 25, International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women.


    In their project, the books on the different shelves are reclassified using a new criterion, depending on the sex of the person writing the book, with the intention of making visible the overwhelming majority of books written by male authors as opposed to those written by female authors.


    They will continue visiting other libraries today, so if you want more information about this project or how to follow it on social media, you can visit the Library Service website.

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    Closed library on December 7


    On Monday, December 7, the Historical-Medical Library will be closed throughout the day, including the reading room on the first floor.

    Sorry for the inconvenience.

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    Valencian Book Day

    On November 20, 1490, the first edition of Tirant lo Blanc, the most important work by Valencian writer Joanot Martorell, was published in Valencia. On this occasion, every 20th of November the Valencian Book Day is celebrated.

    This year, the Historical Library of the University of Valencia wants to commemorate this day with a cultural activity of virtual character in collaboration with the Nicolau Primitiu Valencian Library. The activity consists of the collective reading of the work Vita Christi by Isabel de Villena, a key figure in religious literature and the first female writer in Valencian.

    In addition, you can also view Pinterest a selection of books written in Valencian that you can find at the libraries of our University.

  • Picture from a manuscript in the Somni collection (Universitat de València)


    New guide of Online Digitized Collections

    You already have available a new guide made by the Historical Medical Library, with a selection of online digitized collections, where you will find links to different ancient materials (on free access) that are interesting to the History of Science, Medicine and Technology, such as collections of scientific instruments, audiovisuals, posters, drawings, photographs or full-text bibliographic collections, owned by various institutions around the world.

    The links are structured in the following tabs, according to their thematic coverage: Plurithematic scientific collections (group that includes resources with documents from several sciences at the same time), Basic sciences (with materials focused on mathematics, physics, chemistry or astronomy), Health sciences (medicine, nursing, pharmacy or veterinary) and Other sciences, with materials focused on life sciences (biology, zoology, botany), agriculture and the environment or other scientific areas not included in the previous groups .

    In addition, there is a group called Scientific Instruments, which collects digitized collections of ancient scientific and medical instruments and commercial catalogs of these, and finally another group of General Collections, that is, collections with a broader theme, not exclusively focused on the scientific field, but containing interesting documents for the historian of science.


    We hope you like them and they help you in your study and research work.

  • Comparative spectrum of elements drawn by Vicent Peset


    Exposició "Cercant la pedra filosofal: del mite a la utopia"

    Tomorrow, October 29, the exhibition "Looking for the Philosopher's Stone. From Myth to Utopia" opens in the Duke of Calabria's Room of the Historical Library.

    This exhibition is part of the celebrations for the 125th anniversary of the studies of chemistry at the University of Valencia, and shows the path that chemistry has followed from its beginnings, related to alchemy, to its consolidation as a modern science.

    Among the 48 pieces selected, there are two valuable manuscripts from the 15th century and printed books from the 16th to the 19th, from the presses of different European cities. It highlights the beauty and quality of the illustrations and engravings showing the use of instruments, laboratory scenes and tables of chemical elements.

    The Historical-medical Library has collaborated with the inclusion in the published catalog of one of our pieces : a comparative spectrum of elements drawn by the doctor Vicent Peset i Cervera (1885-1945) within a toxicological study entitled “How should phosphorus be sought in toxicological research”, written in Valencia in 1879 and one of the few manuscript copies of this type of image preserved in European libraries and archives.

    You can find more information on the UVCultura page and in the exhibition catalog (in Spanish and Valencian).

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    Presentation of John Haslam's "Ilustraciones de la locura"

    On Wednesday, October 21, 2020 at 6:00 p.m. it will be presented virtually the book Ilustraciones de la locura, by John Haslam, the latest published volume of the History Books Collection of the Spanish Association of Neuropsychiatry (AEN).

    The book has been edited by Enric Novella (professor of History of Science at the University of Valencia and researcher at the López Piñero Interuniversity Institute) and translated by Rebeca García Nieto (Doctor in Psychology and writer). The event will feature the intervention of both and Álvaro Múzquiz (Psychiatrist and Director of Publications of the AEN-Mental Health Professionals).


    You can follow the event live through this link.