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The University of Valencia has a wide collection of e-resources (journals, books and databases) which you will be able to consult both from the Campuses of the University and from the outside.

The access to most of e-resources is limited to the members of the university community (students, PDI (teaching and research staff) and Adminstrative and Service Staff) although there are some of free-access.

If you only want to search in electronic format you can do it from the catalogue by its title, matter or by the alphabetical list of all the resources.

The library has collected this selection of electronic resources for students and for teachers and researchers:

Students can use the degree thematic guides prepared by the libraries. The guides offer resources (paper books, e-books, articles, etc.) to prepare for the degree subjects. See the thematic guides from this link.

You can consult the main collections of subscribed electronic books from here and the main collections of subscribed electronic journals from here.

The Library, through its YouTube channel, offers you different videos about e-resources. You can see them all in the "Recursos-e en píndoles" list.