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Frecuently Asked Questions (Faqs)



1. How to choose the right library

All UV members are users of any of its libraries. You can consult the directory of libraries:

2. Where are each of the libraries located?

To locate the libraries and archives consult this information, as well as the plans of the 3 campuses (Tarongers, Blasco Ibáñez and Burjassot-Paterna)

3. Who can use the university libraries?
University members, and all the citizens.

4. Do I need a specific card from the library?
No, the only card you need is university card.

5. I've lost my ID, what can I do?
You must notified to the library as soon as possible, and request a new one to the Faculty Secretary.

6. We have to do a group work, where can we go?
All libraries (except the Dipòsit Library) have spaces for individual study and group work rooms. Check the equipment of each library.

7. I am doing the doctoral thesis and I need to consult a journal article but it is not in electronic format. What can I do? 

Use the Supply of pdf Journal Articles Service.This service supplies by email the articles of journals of the libraries of the University of Valencia that do not have electronic version.



8. Where can I check the bibliographic collection of the UV libraries?

In Trobes catalog.Type the word or words you want to search for. Search in quotes to find the exact phrase.


9. Does my library open at noon? Does it open on Saturday? Can I study at the library by night?
You can check the opening hours, as well as special 24 hours / weekends opening hours during the exams period. We have extraordinary opening hours on Christmas, Easter and Summer, too.

10. If I'm not an UV member and I want to borrow books, what can I do?
You can check the loan regulations. We have agreements with different groups.If this is not the case, you can register in the ALUMNIUV collective.

11. How can I get a book or an article that is not in a UV library?
You can use interlibrary loan service.

12. What happens if I return a book after the deadline? ? What if I lost a book?
You can check the loan regulations.

13. How can I see the books I have on loan?
In "My account" from Trobes catalog.

14. I have a book on loan, but I need more time. What I can do?
Renewals are automatic and you will not receive a notice with each renewal. You will receive a notice of the expiration date when it cannot be renewed more times for reaching the maximum number or when the document you have on loan is reserved by another user. You can always check the expiration date of each updated document in the loans section of My Account. 

15. I'm interested in a book, but it's borrowed. What I can do?

Reservations are made from "Availability" section of the complet display of a record.

16. Who can use the loan service?
Check the loan regulations.

17. Do the library lend any kind of material?
In addition to books we provide laptops, padlocks for laptops, lecterns and magnifiers and headphones.

18. I am receiving claims for a book I already returned. What I can do?

19. How many books can I borrow?
Loan conditions vary depending on the book and the type of user. Here you can consult each case.

20. I found a book, but its location is the Deposit Library. How can I borrow it?
Deposit Library books are requested from "My account".

21. Who can use intercampus loan?
It is a service for PDI, PAS, Campus d'Ontinyent students, postgraduate students and users with disabilities.

22. I can not access to "My account". What I can do?
Go to your circulation desk library or write to The Library Responds


23. Can I request a book purchase?

Yes, purchase requests are carried out from the purchase request form that you will find on the Trobes search engine web page, by clicking on the link <Request a purchase>. In order to request a purchase you must be logged in to <Sign in> on Trobes. The <Sign in> link is located at the top right of the screen

24. Who can request a book purchase?
All UV members

25. What if the book I have requested is out of print?
You can use interlibrary loan.

26. Can I request an electronic book?

27. Is all the bibliography that appears in the teaching guides purchased??
The library is committed to having 100% of the basic bibliography recommended by the faculty in the teaching guides of each academic year, as long as it is available for sale. The acquisition of the complementary recommended bibliography is subject to assessment..

28. How can I know the status of my purchase suggestions?
Check the catalog.

29. I want to request a book purchase but I do not have all the data.
The acquisitions section will check and complete every request.

30. I want to register in a training course. When is the next one?

31. Is there any online training course?
Library Service and IT Service give students online training in information and computer skills through two online courses with recognition of ECTS credits in some degree programs.



32. How can I request a copy of an historical collection work?
You can consult all the information about the reproduction of documents in the Historical Library. There is a form to request the reproduction. It is a payment service.

33. I am interested in consulting a historical collection volume.
Check the access and consultation regulations.