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You have all the updated information about the libraries during the Covidien-19 emergency here.


  •  Documents must be returned in the same library in which you have borrowed the documents.
  •  Before finishing the loan period, the library will send a courtesy notice by email to remind that:

-  Few days left for the loan maturity
-  You can also renew them, on condition that it has not been reserved by other user and in accordance with the current regulations

  • Once you have passed the end of the loan, the library sends up to 3 email claims remembering the obligation to return the borrowed material as soon as possible.


  •  The delay in the return of the works will be a day without loan for each day of delay and work.

Documents replacement

In case of lost or damaged library materials the users are required to buy a new one or to pay to the bank  account of the Universitat de Valencia the price of the work. For paying the amount of the works you should follows these steps:

  • To contact with library (the coordinator of the library loan) for informing you about the exact price to be paid.
  • To fill in the form of the deposit for loss and print it.
  • To submit the form filled out to the library, mail, fax or email If this requirement in not accomplished the users cannot use the loan service.