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The BUVAL Loan will make available to the teaching and research staff of BUVAL universities (PDI), administrative and service staff of BUVAL universities (PAS) and undergraduate and postgraduate students, masters and doctoral students of BUVAL universities, the bibliographic funds of the five universities.

The BUVAL Loan allows you to borrow up to 6 copies for 15 to 30 days at any of the participating libraries, upon request for registration in the form.


BUVAL Loan conditions

Who can use the service?

PDI, PAS and students of the Valencian public universities (UV, UPV, UA, UJI and UMH) that have previously requested registration in the service. UV PAS, PDI and students will request registration using the following form.

How many documents and how long?



Loan terms

15 days

Maximum number of copies






The loan conditions at the Universitat de València are 15 days with 6 renewals and a limit of 6 copies. Some libraries will be able to add copies and days, but the maximum loan period will be 3 months.

How to register

UV PDI / PAS / STUDENTS must register by filling in the following form and send it to cataleg@uv.es. Once admitted, you will receive an email of agreement. From this moment on, to use the service you must go in person and with prior identification (DNI, university card) at any of the libraries of the Valencian public universities.

How to apply for loans

Once you have registered, go to the library you are interested in using. You can contact the library that has the document you are interested in by email beforehand.

We recommend consulting the library's opening hours and catalogs, as well as the copies excluded from the loan, before the visit. Library catalogs are accessible from Trobes. In the search box, by clicking on the magnifying glass, the option "Search BUVAL" can be chosen as a new profile. The search allows you to retrieve results for materials from the five university libraries, which can then be filtered by institution.

The user agrees to return the loans within the indicated period and in the library of the borrowing university or in any BUVAL library

The users can consult in their "account" of the cataleg their loans broken down by universities. They can filter by both active loans and loan history.

They have to identify themselves in the catalog of their University of origin as they usually do.

Users can renew their loans at other universities from the catalog, consider that the loan conditions are not the same in their home University as in the rest.


This service is free.

 What if I am a PDI, PAS OR STUDENT from another Valencian university?

If you are a PDI, PAS or student from another Valencian university and you want to borrow books from the University of Valencia, you have to first register on your university's form. Consult each library web page.

If you are PDI, PAS or student of the UV and you want to request withdrawal from the consortium loan service, send an email to cataleg@uv.es. For more information you can contact us through  The Library Responds.