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The "Préstec al Despatx" (Loan in the Office) is a service destined to the PAS and PDI of the University of Valencia.

The University of Valencia PAS and PDI may request the books from the libraries through the catalog Trobes, and the library will send them directly to the applicants' offices.

Service Conditions:
1.- The books that have a 30-day period for the PAS and the books with a research copy policy and those that have a 120-day period for the PDI will be provided through this service.
2.- The loan rules for this service are the same as for the face-to-face loan.
3.- Once the loan is requested at the office, the user will receive an email indicating the loan date and the repayment date. The loan will be renewed automatically as long as the item has not been reserved by another person, and that the user is not sanctioned.
4.- The user will be able to check the status of their loans in My Account.


Application procedure:
1.- Identify yourself in the catalog Trobes and find out if the book is available.
2.- Reserve the book in the catalog. Click on "Reservation" and select from the drop-down "Pickup location" the option "Personal delivery-Work address". If you are PDI or PAS and the option "Work address" does not appear, contact the Library requesting the activation of the Loan at the office.


Seleccioneu ubicació

3.- You will receive the book by internal mail at your office.

Return procedure:
1.- The book can be returned in person at any library of the University of Valencia.
2.- It can also be returned to the corresponding library by sending it by internal mail.