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Documents rejected to sign are removed from the 'pending documents' folder and included into the 'finalized documents' folder. Select that folder to review or manage the rejected documents.
The first step is selecting the documents to be rejected, using the functionalities of the documents folder. To reject documents, select the 'pending documents' folder. Although this folder is the default one, you may be in other folder. Use the icon for selecting document folders to select the 'pending documents' folder and visualize the document content. Before rejecting a document, the content must be visualized to make sure what is about to be rejected. Click the icon to visualize the document. The browser downloads a copy of the document and allows you to visualize it in the corresponding viewer. In case there are reports or support documentation attached, visualize them by clicking the archiver icon. Select the document(s) to be rejected by clicking on the checkbox associated with the name of each document or by using the multiple selection functionality. Select the action 'reject'.