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The cloud-based electronic signature or centralised signature is a very safe authentication solution that improves the signature’s usability. It’s characterised by a digital certificate residing in a safe server (HSM), and users can access it to digitally sign a document with prior robust identity authentication. The robust authentication usually requires at least two identification procedures, such as:

  • Password
  • Key card, SMS token, OTP token
  • Signature, speech, fingerprint, iris and other biometric factors.

This way, the certificate is never in its owner’s hands. The owner can access the certificate whenever required by authenticating without installing any other certificate or software on the device from which the procedure is carried out.

A cloud certificate is generated via prior registration, the physical entity being linked with the digital one (enrolment), which allows to issue a personal certificate in a cloud-based safe server (HSM) that can be used whenever necessary.