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 Before the transfer 

  • Before the transfer you should contact with the Semi-current Records Center.
  • The documentation subject to the transfer must be organised.
  • The transfer of documentation has as objective to maximize space and transfer to a specialised service the management, temporary or permanent preservation functions, as well as to access and to consult the documents.
  • The Services will preserve the documentation generated until the end of the processing and always that the circumstances allow it during a minimum period of 3 to 5 years.
  • The person responsible of preparing the documentation for sending it to the Semi-current records center will be the responsible of the current archive. The Head of the Service should supervise this transfer and sign the transfer sheets.

Procedure manual 

The procedure manual  is a common instrument, such as the database, to unify the criteria of each of the Services of the University, the sum of all the transfers made constitutes the general catalogue of the University Archives

Transfer materials