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The researcher responsible of a project, contract or research agreement, with economic availability for staff costs, can request for the open call for:

  • Vacancies of research staff (PI)
  • Vacancies of support staff to the research (PSI)

The procedure to apply for the open call of these vacancies is the following:

TELEMATICALLY to the Electronic System of the Universitat de València through the online office (Entreu): Request for the call of public tender for the recruitment of research staff in charge of research projects, agreements and contracts.  Once obtained the consent of the Research Service, Human Resources Service PAS-Research will manage its publication.

2- PUBLICATION OF THE CALL: The call will be published in the DOCV and in the notice board and in the web page  of the Human Resources Service PAS-Research.

3- PRESENTATION OF APPLICATIONS: Once the call has been published, the Research Service will communicate to the people responsible for the project/agreement the presentation period of application forms and the day from which they can convene the Evaluating Committee.

The candidates will have to fill in the telematic form and present it in Entry Register, addressed to the director of the assigned department/institute/ERI, within the established period in the call, the sheet provided by the telematic application and all the required documentation in the call.

4- PROCEDURE OF SELECTION: The Evaluating Committee will review the presented documentation and will value all the applications that have been presented that meet the needed requirements, with special care and adjusting to the criteria of the scale.

In the calls for Support Staff to the Research (PSI) the Tribunal may agree the elaboration of the interview phase, in accordance with the scale. In this case, it should be sent an email to five working days before to the day of the interview and with the following information:
1- Reference of the call
2- Specific location, day and hour where the interview will be carried out
3- Name, ID, complete address, telephone and email of the people that are going to be called for the interview.

The Research Service will call the candidates for an interview by telegram.

In the calls for Research Staff (PI) the Tribunal can carry out an interview to the candidates it wants with the intention of better analysing the preferential merits. In this case, the Tribunal will call the candidates for an interview.

5-PROPOSAL OF CONTRACT: The secretary of the Evaluating Committee will send to the Research Service the following documentation:
1- All the application forms (original).
2- The original documents of the scales tables of the candidates (MODEL 1 and  MODEL 2)*
3-Original acts of the Evaluating Committee (MODELS 3, 4, 5, 6)*
4- Original document of the contract proposal (MODEL 7/8)*
5- Original document of the definitive contract resolution (MODEL 9)*
6- List with the final punctuation of all the candidates (MODEL 10)
7- Curriculum of the selected candidate.

The documents MODEL 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 also must be sent via email to
. The rest of the curriculums will remain in the corresponding department/Institute during the established period in the call.
Three months after having finished the selection process and when the resolution in the webpage of the Human Resources Service PAS-Research the interested people can apply for the devolution of the curriculums. Passed six months, the curriculums that remain will be automatically destroyed.

6- RECRUITMENT OF THE CANDIDATE: In the moment of formalising the contract, the person must provide:
1- ID. In the case of community citizens: Foreigner's Identification Number In the case of non-EU citizens: Foreigner’s Identification Number and immigration documentation.
2- Required qualification and, if necessary, application for homologation or equivalent.
3- Data of a bank account in Spain.
4- Social Security Number.


The Research Service will communicate to the responsible researcher or director of the research project /agreement through email and in good time, the period by which the credit reservation is going to be made for the maintenance of the contract, so that they communicate if it is appropriate or not its continuity.

If within 10 days since the communication by part of the Research Service, the responsible researcher or director of the project, do not respond explicitly through email, we will proceed to the termination of the contract.



In the Online Office you may find both the regulations and applications as well as the forms for the request of the publication of a Call for the Temporary Recruitment of Staff with a charge to projects, contracts and research agreements. It is necessary to fill in the application form with all the required data. Contact email in case of doubts:

To receive information on any of these matters or on the processing of the published call, you can contact us through the telephone numbers (+34) 963864194, (+34) 963864500 or (+34) 963983481, or also through email:

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