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Care and Prevention

What is the Violet Space?

The Espai Violeta is the tool provided for in the III Equality Plan of the University of Valencia in order to make visible the fight for equality and against sexist violence in all university centers and services and to act against them, with the support of the Equality Unit.

The image of the panels that make up the Espais Violeta is the work of the artist Paula Bonet.



With the creation of the Violet Spaces in the centers and services of the University of Valencia, the aim is to provide victims of sexist aggression with a telephone and an e-mail in order to obtain immediate access to the support services provided by the University. to know the resources and procedures of the Equality Unit in the prevention, detection and follow-up of cases of gender-based violence, to provide support to people who request it through trained volunteer staff and to approach the action of the Equality Unit in university centers and services.

Contact telephone: 96 162 55 55




From the Equality Unit we try to help female victims of sexist violence belonging to the university community, so that they find a safe space, with staff who can give  them all the help they need to continue their work or theirs studies in the best possible conditions. The actions taken are very diverse in function of the needs of the person and is always agreed with the victim:

  • report on the exemption from enrollment for victims of gender violence
  • Academic group management, extensive assistance with the degree,, manage the transfer of files, moving geographical space, etc
  • Activation of personal data protection protocol with technological services and human resources services in order to protect the person so that she remains locatable. 
  • Act as mediators in the centers or faculties of the university, making sure that they feel as comfortable as possible.
  • Collaboration with external resources specialized in gender violence, such as the City Council (Espai Dones igualtat) or the Generalitat Office for Victim Care | Women's Center.
  • Of the cases of harassment of people belonging to the University community, the Protocol of action against the harassment sexual, by reason of sex.
  • For victims of gender violence (whether the abuser belongs to the university community or not.)
  • Coordination with the security service in the cases of victims with protection and restraining orders that feel in danger, we proceed to request the activation of the security and self-protection protocol for part of the security service of the University of valencia
  • Actions to support victims at a training and therapeutic level
  • Support group for building relationships from the empowerment of women who've been victims of violence and sexism or to any woman in the university community, victim or survivor of sexist violence

Office for Victims of Crime: universal, free and can be used by anyone regardless of where they suffered the crime. Gives response to victims both in the legal field as in the psychological and social.

Women and Equality Space: Advises the women of the city of valencia on their rights and the services and resources to achieve the full participation of women in Valencian society.


What is group care?

Group attention is conceived as a point where you can meet, in a respectful way, with intimacy, welcome and mutual listening. A safe space to become aware, share experiences, and look together for ways to identify and deconstruct violent relational dynamics. Tools that help us deal with emotional repair and the incorporation of relational empowerment strategies are explored.

“ACOLLIDA” GROUP - Aimed at UV VVG women who are joining our victim care program for the first time. It will leave a margin of two weeks for additions and then close to be able to do a deeper job safely.

3 sessions a month, Mondays from 3.30pm to 5.30pm. 2 fortnightly solo sessions of the host group + 1 open group session (Art Therapy)

“SEGUIM” GROUP - Aimed at UV VVG women who have already gone through the incorporation phase (this year they are the ones who joined last year). 2 fortnightly sessions: 1 session of the Seguim group only + 1 session of the open group of Art Therapy. Alternate Mondays from 3.30pm to 5.30pm

OPEN GROUP - There is 1 open monthly session aimed at members of the groups "Welcome" and "We continue". UV VVG women who are in recovery processes managed by external resources and apply to join can also participate. Monday from 3.30pm to 5.30pm

Protocol of the University of Valencia for action and response to sexual harassment, based on sex and other discriminatory harassment