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Voluntaries and equallity culture


Why do we require University volunteers when tackling Gender Violence?

Gender violence and sexism are part of the structural reality of our society, and so it’s part of our University community also. Recognizing the problem was the first major step, which is accompanied by effective and transversal acts, with the intent of making the University space a place of higher security, more enriching for the people who are a part of it.


With volunteers within the design of our actions and protocols that provide attention to the victims of sexist violence, the equality unit of the Valencian University has established an attention program, articulated with the so-called “Violet Spaces'', which depend on a strong network of volunteers of both students and faculty. This network is configured as a close and immediate bridge between people who require specialized attention and the institutional resources of the University.


What do we hope to achieve with volunteers?

  • Visualize the issue at the Valencian University.
  • Spread the word about the Violet Spaces among the different fields of study, among departments and among administration.
  • Educate and accompany these volunteers.
  • Detect needs for attention.
  • Accompanying people who have solicited the help of the Equality Unit in order to be received.
  • Provide informative resources at the Violet spaces, within classrooms, centres and libraries at the University.
  • Suggests modes of amplification for the Code of Conduct and correct behaviors in relation to gender-based relations.

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