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With the creation of the Observatory of Equality we follow the Organic Law of universities approved in March 2007 and the Organic Law 3/2007, of 22 March for the effective equality of men and women (LOIEMH).

The Observatory for Equality objectives are making visible the inequalities between men and women in the university field, to collect and analyse statistics data which bring up to date and increase the diagnosis “Men and women in the University of Valencia” and elaborate gender equality signs.

The Observatory is considered as a tool to detect the existing inequalities in the University of Valencia and present reports and statistics that make possible to meet the goals of the Equality Plan.

One of the main activities of the Observatory for the Equality is to elaborate and publish data about the situation of men and women equality in our university. For this purpose, the webpage of the Equality Unit, will create an exclusive space of the Observatory with quantitative and qualitative data about the existence of inequality in terms of sex in the University of Valencia. In addition, this initiative has received funds from the International Campus of Excellence VLC / CAMPUS, financed by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport.

Specific objectives:

  • Updating of diagnosis data of the situation of men and women in the UV chair
  • The elaboration of equality signs
  • Elaboration and distribution of information that visualises the inequality and discrimination within the framework of our university
  • Promotion of the adaptation of statistics and studies of the University in the perspective of gender.
  • To inspect the incorporation of the perspective of genre in the process of elaboration of the statistics
  • To manage the website which allows the spreading of information in relation to equal and gender terms.