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Conciliation initiatives



In line with the ambitious content in terms of equality of the electoral program of the candidate for the elections in 2018, and current rector, Mavi Mestre, one of the great challenges of the III Equality Plan of the University of Valencia is in its Axis 1 , dedicated to People.

The first objective focuses on: favoring conciliation and co-responsibility in the UV.

Of the actions proposed in this area, the second action is key to advancing in the years of implementation of the Plan. It arises:

"The design and approval of a comprehensive conciliation and co-responsibility model applicable to the three university groups: PAS, PDI and students, based on the prior collection of rights already recognized by current legislation."

Fotografia de Miguel Lorenzo

In this sense, one of the actions that are being promoted to move towards this model is the revision of the criteria for assigning the teaching staff of the PDI. On the occasion of the elaboration of the POD, from the Vice-Rector's Office for Equality, Diversity and Sustainability -through the instruction of the Vice-Rector's Office for Academic Planning and Teaching Staff-,

the following RECOMMENDATION is made:

The incorporation of POD allocation criteria that facilitate the choice of teaching for people with care responsibilities:  children under 14 years of age, or for family members who have a degree of dependency or disability equal to or greater than 65% with reduced mobility, especially in the cases of single-parent families and / or large families duly accredited, in accordance with .Law 3/2007 for the effective equality of women and men and article 241 bis of the Statutes of the University of Valencia

Recommendations and specific measures in this matter are included in the Good Practice Guide for Universities "Teleworking and co-responsible conciliation in times of covid-19" prepared by the Network of Gender Equality Units for University Excellence (RUIGEU) published on 19 June 2020.


The publication is aimed at universities and offers recommendations and measures to prevent gender inequalities and asymmetries, which the Covid-19 pandemic is exacerbating.

The proposed measures seek that telework responds to a co-responsible conciliation in the university environment.

Co-responsibility for conciliation implies that responsibilities have to be shared between couples and within families, but also that the University and public administrations are responsible for conciliation and that extensive support networks can also contribute to it. .

In addition, the good practices implemented by universities in the situation of COVID-19 are collected:

Specific measures to support teleworking and favor conciliation have been contemplated in most of the instructions and regulations drawn up in this context.

Likewise, the universities have set up specific psychological assistance systems to offer accompaniment and support during confinement for the entire university community.

Other initiatives have consisted of offering psycho-pedagogical support at non-university educational levels,

Campaigns aimed at raising awareness on issues related to equality, conciliation and co-responsibility in times of COVID-19,

Studies and surveys that address these issues.

And, finally, we have collected the social action measures aimed at university students and groups of special vulnerability.