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Equality Unit. Presentation



The Equality Unit of the University of Valencia, created by agreement of the Governing Council of October 2007, has the main objective of making effective the right to equal treatment and opportunities between women and men.

Among its main functions, the following stand out:


We elaborate and develop the necessary programmes to promote equal opportunities policies in the University:

  • Personnel Policies: Conciliation and Co-responsibility, training, access and professional career and risk prevention.
  • Policies for Key University Processes: Teaching, Research, Innovation and Transfer.
  • University governance in equality and coordination of the specific actions to be undertaken by the different bodies, centres and services.
  • Dissemination of the Culture of Equality: Workshops, Debates, Conferences... that improve university and social perception of the importance of implementing the need for equality amongst men and women.


n addition, we have the Equality Observatory, a key tool to make visible the inequalities between women and men in the university environment based on studies and reports.


The Equality Unit of the Universitat de València is also in charge of assisting with:

  • complaints of cases of sexual harassment, based on sex and sexism that are suffered within the university community in relations between PAS, PDI or Students.

  • to victims of gender violence to protect them from their partner or ex-partner within the UV units and also in other academic and psychological needs.



One of the challenges with which I started in this position is to favor and encourage the University of Valencia to be an Equal, Diverse, Inclusive and Sustainable University, thus deploying an innovative policy in these terms.


Implementing the concept of equality between women and men and fixing it in the key processes of the University are the challenges of some policies that have an important trajectory in this institution and that now more than ever we want to amplify.


The III Equality Plan of the University of Valencia that we are preparing is the essential tool to carry out a series of inalienable objectives such as teaching and research with a gender perspective, and the reconciliation of work and personal life of PAS and PDI enabling joint responsibility and a professional career.


We are concerned about the loss of scientific talent in women and that is why we want to move forward in time and avoid the gender gap in STEM (Science-Technology-Engineering-Mathematics) studies by studying and planning innovative projects without losing sight of value. unquestionable of the careers linked to the areas of Health and Education, fundamentally feminized.


Finally, we are greatly alarmed and disturbed by violence against women in the university environment, a space that unfortunately is also defined by relations of power and sexism and does not escape this phenomenon. It is essential to modify the attitudes of silence for those of zero tolerance for disrespectful behavior and that is why we have and will enforce the protocols for prevention and action against sexist violence, sexual harassment and harassment based on sex.


In short, we work to ensure that this institution, that life in the classrooms and on campuses is a space of equality and free from violence.


Elena Martinez Garcia


Vice-Rector for Equality, Diversity and Sustainability