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Over the years, the gender inequalities that occur in the university community and the need to overcome them are increasingly evident. However, while the problem is recognized, the future outlines a simultaneously hopeful and worrying situation. In general, Spanish universities have gone from making the issue invisible to developing discursive narratives that point to individual effort or mere social and cultural evolution as the main factors that will resolve the most obvious and urgent asymmetries. The fact that, in the production and reproduction of gender inequalities, there are structural components that will not change due to their own inertia is forgotten. Hence the importance of adopting adequate political and institutional measures.


In this context, the public image that the University of Valencia offers to society through its successive statutory regulations and strategic plans or through the effort to achieve proportional gender representation in its main governing bodies, is that of a real commitment with equal opportunities between women and men, which seems to go beyond formal adherence to the legal guidelines on gender equality that were promulgated in the Spanish State in 2007. The work being carried out by the Unitat d ' Igualtat de la Universitat de València is the clearest expression of this commitment, both at the level of the implementation of programs or specific actions on equality matters, as well as in the investigation and better understanding of the causes and effects linked to the gender asymmetries that still persist in their midst and on which it is convenient to influence through proper institutional planning.