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The Governing Council approved unanimously on April 16, 2019 the 3rd Equality Plan of the Universitat de València, that has 64 tasks to be developed in a 4 year period (2019-2022). Just like the previous equality plans, it aims to achieve real equality between women and men.

The document had been agreed by CCOO, CSIF, STE-PV and UGT in the negotiating table, and a favourable report of the UV Commission of Equality Policies of the University was given. The proposal was presented to the Governing Council by the Vice-principal of Equality, Diversity and Sustainability, Elena Martínez. The Vice-principal described the plan as demanding as well as being the result of dialogue, consensus and hard work.

Although the principle of equality is part of the UV values, which are gathered in its statutes, the diagnosis for creating the 3rd UV Equality Plan shows persistent gender asymmetries among in the student, Teaching, Research and Administrative bodies. Therefore, new measures must be adopted to ensure effective equality between men and women in our university.