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The support programme for the degrees is a second step within a larger project with the main objective of strengthening the ability to attract new students, in accordance with the UV institutional strategic lines. The first step has been the provision, by the UWM, of a website for each one of the UV degrees, which centralises all content relating to the degree in question.

For the creation of the degrees’ websites, and based on the needs of the students and the centres, it was considered for their design to be dynamic, functional websites with a sustainable maintenance, a key point for the continuous improvement of user experience and the web positioning of the degrees. The specific website of a degree programme includes, on the one hand, shared content generated by different websites of the Universitat de València and, on the other hand, specific information on each of the degree programmes generated by the teaching staff of the degree programme. This support programme has been set up to make it easier for the members of the Coordination to make the quality of our degree programmes visible and highlight their value.

Type of requests

  1. Support for the publication of news items related to the degree.
  2. Support for the publication of information content related to the degree.
  3. Support for editing the website (structures, information, portals).
  4. Generation of a new website (for new degrees).