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The Web and Marketing Unit of the Universitat de València offers the support programme for university master's degrees, with the aim of ensuring, improving and strengthening the digital presence and positioning of the official master's degrees, as well as facilitating and speeding up the requests and needs regarding their web portals. This support programme is focused on content management actions and web architecture.

The content marketing strategy motivates all the actions of this programme coordinated and developed by the Web and Marketing Unit. The main technique of this strategy consists of publishing on the specific websites of the Master's degree courses, elaborated, original, attractive and high quality contents, which differentiate them from the rest and attract the attention of future students, as well as providing the websites with a well-cared for and updated image. It is a question of evolving the current webs of a fundamentally informative character to webs that, additionally, put in value all the reputation and the credibility of our formative offer.

The communication tool that will be used between the masters coordination and the support team of the Web and Marketing Unit will be TiquetingUV. This tool is very functional, as it allows us to interact quickly, attach documents to the tickets, add descriptions and observations... in short, it makes communication and problem solving faster and more agile. The purpose of all these functionalities is to improve the quality of the service provided by the Web and Marketing Unit. These interactions are registered in TiquetingUV for a better control of the quality, quantity and speed in the resolution of incidents.