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Visual Institutional Identity of the Universitat de València

The visual identification of an institution is one of the basic elements of its identity. An identity is a set of values, traits, characteristics, conceptual and physical aspects and actions that along with a set of attributes, define its essence as an institution.

The visual identity of the Universitat de València as an organisation comes from its values as institution, from its origins and its evolution over time, to provide a set of graphic elements that allow identifying and distinguishing the university as a whole and also each of the centres, institutes, departments, services and units which compose and extensive and diverse institution as our University.

The visual identity of the Universitat de València allows the institution to be recognised and identified by the citizenship as well as by other organisations and institutions with which interact in the development of its activities of training, research and knowledge transfer and creation and dissemination of science and culture. At the same time should allow maintaining visual harmony and coherence for the wide range of communication media that allow the current technological development as well as the wide variety of transmitters that the University has.

Through this website you can access to the information about the different elements that compose the visual identity of the University, its applications and download the appropriated files.
You can also access to the online support services which its aim is to help the university community in making an accurate use of the elements of graphic identification of the Universitat de València.