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Nowadays, the services offered by the social networks in Internet give rise to a new form of interaction and communication among members of the university community (teaching and researching staff, administrative staff and service and students) and to society in general. This new form of interaction establishes a more direct and closer relationship, allowing the active involvement of the users, though options that give voice in the institutional webs. In this way, they can manage their own contents, give their opinions about others, send and receive the information they are interested in, in the end, increasing their participation in university life.

Social networks facilitate the participation of the university community and they serve as a channel for dissemination, because they spread information in a more effective, faster and wider than traditional media, thus complementing the communication channel of the Universitat de València (UV). But along with the possibilities offered by networks, institutional presence also entails also responsibilities. In this sense, we must guarantee respect for the rights of the Universitat de València in the use of the corporate image, preserve the privacy of members of the university community and our followers and prevent any type of use and conflict that negatively affects our corporate image and reputation.

It is therefore appropriate to regulate a system control mechanism and an adequate administration for an effective and efficient use of the multiple social networks that are offered on the Internet by the UV for the execution of its communication and information activities.  The regulation of this mechanism will allow the UV to coordinate and homogenize advertising messages through the correct use of the basic elements of identification and communication, through its corporate identity, which allows its immediate identification and its activities (education, investigation and transfer) without the need for more data.

In this sense, the Universitat de València has developed the present management document, as a guide, whose objective is to establish, both at corporate level (Universitat de València) and in the different entities, services and institutional units:

  1. A framework for the use, objective, characteristics, management and creation of contents in the different social networks through the denominated institutional accounts. The institutional accounts refer both to the accounts managed by the entities, services or units, as well as to the corporate of the Universitat de València.
  2. A reduced set of common identifying visual characteristics within the different social networks in which the institution has a presence.
  3. A standardized procedure for opening accounts on each of the social networks and for managing the responses and comments made by the community of followers of them.

Finally, it is indicated that this management procedure is subordinated to the Regulation on the use of resources related to information technologies and the communications of the Universitat de València. This regulation, called regulation of resources with the information and communication (RRTIC), was approved by the Governing Council oh the UV in its session of 26 July 2016.

Therefore, in order to make any Social Network account official by a entity, service and unit (centres, departments, master' s  degrees, etc), these three steps must be followed

  1. The person in charge for the entity, service or unit (dean, head of service, director of the department, director of the master’s degree course, etc.) must make a request via the Virtual Office ENTREU:
  2. In this application you must indicate the basic data of the Social Networks account you want to register as official and, particularly, who will be responsible for its management (teaching and researching staff and administrative staff and service) in the entity, service or unit. This person is referred to as the person responsible for the institutional account.
  3. After verification of the data by the Web and Marketing Unit and the General Secretary, the applicant will receive a notification of acceptance. With this, the account will have an official character and will be automatically linked from the web portal of the entity, service or unit, as well as appearing in the list in the UV Transparency Portal.