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The support application for editors, generated by the Web and Marketing Unit (UWM) of the UV, aims to provide assistance to the content managers of the various corporative websites. This system allows to attend and register all support requests for web editing tasks in a flexible way through continuous interaction with the user. 

To request the assistance of the UWM, you have to access to, where you need to identify yourself with your username and password.

Once in the application, you have to choose one task depending on your support needs and, once you have fulfilled the fields, you have to click on the option “create”. In that moment, the support request will be done and you will have to wait until the UWM answers or, if necessary, asks for more information.

The state of the request can be referred to by clicking on “My tickets” in the support application.

All information about how the support application works can be found in this UWM blog post.