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Its function is to promote, organize and supervise academically the work placements, in coordination with academic committees of the degrees attached to the Centre (ACGUV 131/2012-Article 4).

UV Work Placements Committee Regulations

Specific Information

WORK PLACEMENTS COMMITTEE (Updated JF 19/12/2018; JF 19/12/2019)

Members Representation
Milian Medina, Begoña Chairperson
Martínez Tamayo, Eduardo            Placements coordinator.
Ibáñez Puchades, Rafael Representative of the Academic Committee for Degree Studies (CAT)
Simó Alfonso, Ernesto Representative of the Master’s degree in Experimental Techniques in Chemistry
Pedro Llinares, José Ramón Representative of the Master’s degree in Organic Chemistry
Tuñón García de Vicuña, Ignacio N. Representative of the Master’s degree in Theoretical Chemistry and Computing Modelling
Coronado Miralles, Eugenio Representative of the Master’s degree in Molecular Nanoscience and Nanotechnology
Zaballos García, Elena Representative of the Master’s degree in Sustainable Chemistry
Giménez Sáiz, Carlos Representative of the Master’s degree in Chemistry
Ridocci Quiles, María Representative of ADEIT (University-Business Foundation)
Pons Martínez, Amparo Representative of the Administrative and Service Staff
Maroto Frasquet, Alejandro Representative of Student
Toledano Peris, Joan Substitute-Representative of Student


Comission agreements

Year 2016-2017, 2017-2018, 2018-2019


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