The UV uses its own cookies and third-party cookies, with a technical and analytical purpose.

Specific, technical and customisation cookies.

The UV uses cookies of internal usage for the operation of the web. Concretely, this web uses cookies for the session maintenance when browsing the webpage or for setting the language preferences selected by the user.

Third party analytical cookies

The analytical cookies described on the table incorporated to this policy allow us to count the number of users and carry out the measurement and the statistical analysis of the use of the service made by users. The browsing in our website is analysed in order to improve the offer of services that we offer. The information is exclusively used for internal purposes with the objective of increasing our understanding about users’ behaviour on the web. This information is an important tool for us and helps us improve the contents quality and the offered services. We are working non-stop to improve the browsing of our webpage in accordance with our users, their needs or interests and to determine how often and in what way our users make use of our services. For the development of this activity we use software provided by third parties
In the UV we respect our users’ privacy. The obtained information is, in any case, linked to identify users nor employed for the elaboration of profiles or individualised patterns.


Supplier Duration UV/Third party cookies Type Cookie Goal
Google Analytics Persistent Third party cookies Analytical  utma This cookie generates a unique user ID and registers the date, first and last time the user visited the web site. It is used to recount how many times one user visits the site. Its termination is 2 years after its last update.
Google Analytics Persistent Third party cookies Analytical  utmz This cookie storages the visitant’s origin, the path followed to access the web, either direct access, from a link in another website, from an email link, using certain key words in a browser, through a display campaign or through an AdWords advertisement. This cookie is used to calculate the traffic coming from browsers (organic and PPC), publishing campaigns in display, and navigation within the web (internal links). The cookie is updated in each visit to the site. It terminates after 6 months.
Google Analytics Of session Third party cookies  Analytical  utmb

This cookie registers the time of arrival to the site and terminates 30 minutes after the last register of the seen site. It is automatically eliminated when changing the web or closing the browser. If a user stays over 30 minutes without any web activities (he/she eats lunch, for example) and seeks for a page, it will be considered as a new user session (1 user that makes two visits).

In order to calculate the time the user remains in the site, the current site’s value is subtracted from the former site’s value. If we modify the code of Google Analytics in order to register events (clicks or scrolls) we can determine the time the user spends in the last page he/she visits We can also modify a session’s duration with the method _setSessionCookieTimeout(). It terminates 30 minutes after the last update.


Google Analytics Of session Third party cookies  Analytical  utmc No longer used.

The current JavaScript code used by Google Analytics does not need of this cookie. Before, this cookie was used along with the _utmb one in order to determine if, after 30 minutes within the site, it was or was not necessary to establish a new session for the user. This cookie is still written in order to assure compatibility with sites were the former tracking code urchin.js is still installed

Google Analytics Persistent Third party cookies  Analytical  utmv It is an optional cookie only used when the data obtained in the register are to be subsequently segmented into demographical data such as sex or age of the visitants. The information is obtained through the _setVar () of Google Analytics’ code. It terminates 2 years after the last update.
Oracle Of session UV Techniques and of customization  JSESSIONID This cookie is a session identifier provided by the server. It terminates when the session is finished; for example, when closing the browser.
AddThis Persistent Third party cookies  Analytical  atuvc These cookies, provided by the Clearspring, Inc technologies, are used in combination with the AddThis button so that our content can be shared through emails, social network sites, blogs and many more. Its termination is 2 years after its last update.