Cookies can be classified in different categories depending on the entity managing them, the period of time in which they remain active or according to their purpose. Nevertheless, sometimes it is possible that a same cookie can be included in more than one category.
Nowadays we can distinguish the following types of cookies:

  • Analytical cookies: they are a type of cookies that serve to collect statistics on the users’ activity when entering the webpage and the general activity therein. The stored information is anonymous and allows organising the browsing on our webpage and guaranteeing the best service to the user. Users can exclude their activity through exclusion systems provided by the analytics tools.
  • Technical and customisation cookies: it involves cookies of internal use for the operating of the web.
  • Session cookies:  they are a type of cookies designed to collect and store data while users are entering the web.
  • Persistent cookies: they are a type of cookies in where data are stored in the terminal and can be acceded and dealt during a period of time defined by the person responsible for the cookie.
  • UV cookies:are those sent to a terminal equipment of the user from a computer or domain managed by the UVEG and from the solicited service is provided.
  • Third parties cookies: are those that are sent to the terminal user's computer from a machine or domain that is not managed by the UV but by another entity that processes data obtained from cookies.