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Eligible applicants

  • Students with official partial university studies from a Spanish university who wish to be admitted to official undergraduate degree programmes at our University and have had a minimum of 30 credits recognised, in accordance with Article 6 of the Royal Decree 1393/2007.
  • Students with partial or complete studies from a foreign university who have not had their degree officially validated, but who have had a minimum of 30 credits recognised and wish to be admitted to an official undergraduate degree programme.
  • Applicants who wish to change their degree programme will not be admitted in the following cases:
    a) Applicants who need to take subjects that are not currently taught because they have been phased out.
    b) Applicants from other universities who have used six exam attempts in their initial degree programme.

Available places

The faculty board will approve the number of places that are available in each degree programme for applicants who are changing university and/or university studies in Spain or students with foreign university studies. The Vice-Rector in charge of undergraduate degree programmes must be notified.

Application form

The standard application form must be submitted to any University of Valencia registry office, any registry office referred to in Article 38 of Law 30/1992 of the Legal Regime for Public Administrations and Common Administrative Procedures or by any accepted means. Along with the application form, you must submit accredited documents, as stated, to be reviewed accordingly.

There will be a time period set annually on the academic calendar to submit applications ensuring that admitted students will join undergraduate programmes during the first two weeks of October at the latest.

Applications will be sent to the appropriate degree committee to decide on credit recognition, in accordance with the criteria approved by the University of Valencia Governing Council.


The degree committees will rank and give priority to applicants that meet the requisites for minimum credit recognition (stated previously) within one month from the end of the application period and according to the following criteria:

  • First, applicants from degree programmes in the same branch of knowledge will be given priority. For admissions to degree programmes that prepare students for professional activities regulated in Spain, applicants coming from programmes that prepare for the same regulated profession will have preference over applicants from the same branch of knowledge.
  • Subsequently, the group of applicants from other branches of knowledge will be ranked.
  • Once these criteria have been considered, the criteria for preference within each group will be:

a) The number of recognised credits.
b) Average grade of the academic record, calculated in accordance with the Royal Decree 1125/2003 for studies in Spain. In the case of foreign studies, it will be obtained according to the equivalencies between qualifications of foreign education systems and the Spanish education system.
c) Reason for applying, with proper accreditation:


  • Work transfer
  • Family move
  • Elite and high performance athletes
  • Agreement with the home university
  • Other justifiable causes

Admissions granted to pursue studies at the University of Valencia entail that you are required to take at least 30 credits in addition to the final project except for those cases in which special circumstances can be verified.

Decisions will be taken by faculty deans or school directors as delegated by the Rector. , These decisions will be taken within 15 days upon receiving the proposals made by the degree committee; otherwise, the application is deemed rejected.

Admissions decisions will only be valid for the academic year following the date of the application. Under no circumstances will places be reserved for upcoming years.

An appeal for reconsideration may be made within one month before the same body, or an administrative appeal made be made within two months directly before the administrative court of the Valencian Community. This time period will be counted from the day following notification or publication of the decision to be appealed.

For studies in Spain, the allocation of places will imply transferring the academic record, which must be processed by the home university once admission to the University of Valencia has been established.
A letter of admission will be issued to you by the University of Valencia.
At enrolment, it is necessary to bring the receipt showing the payment for transferring the academic record by the home university.

Students coming from a foreign university or a private university are required to pay a fee for incorporating the recognised credits to their academic record. The amount will be included in the enrolment fee.

Instrucciones sobre ordenación de matrícula para casos singulares


ACGUV 156/2010. Regulations on admission of students with official partial university studies