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The exams can be taken by prospective students who do not meet the necessary conditions for university admission and who have turned 25 before 1 October of the same year.

The five Valencian universities comprise a single district for this purpose so the exams can be taken at any of these universities.
Once you receive your mark you can apply for a place in your chosen degree programme offered by any of the Valencian universities. For admission purposes, preference is given to the degree programmes linked to the chosen subject area in the specific phase of this exam.
Likewise, you may apply for a place in other state universities/districts, but you will have a non-preferred status with respect to the students who have taken the exam in that specific university/district.

1. Description of the exam

A) General Phase

Consists of four exams:

  1. Spanish language
  2. Text analysis of a current event
  3. Valencian language
  4. One foreign language (English, French, German, Italian or Portuguese)

Scoring: 40% for the text analysis and 20% each for the remaining exams.

B) Specific Phase

Consists of two exams:

  • Arts and Humanities:  choose two from Philosophy, History, Technical Drawing or Creative Drawing.
  • Sciences:  Mathematics is compulsory and you can choose Physics or Chemistry.
  • Health Sciences: Biology is compulsory and you can choose Physics or Chemistry.
  • Social and Legal Sciences: choose two from Geography, History or Mathematics.
  • Engineering and Architecture: Mathematics is compulsory and you can choose Physics or Technical Drawing.

If you opt for two areas simultaneously, this phase is comprised of the following exercises.

  • Arts and  humanities + Social and Legal Sciences: History is compulsory, choose one from Philosophy, Technical Drawing or Creative Drawing. Choose either Geography or Mathematics.
  • Sciences + Health Sciences: Mathematics and Biology and choose either Physics or Chemistry.
  • Sciences + Engineering and Architecture: Mathematics is compulsory and you can choose one of these options:
    1. Physics
    2. Chemistry and Technical Drawing
    3. Physics and Chemistry
    4. Physics and Technical Drawing
  • Sciences +Health Sciences+Engineering and Architecture: Mathematics, Biology and Physics are compulsory .

Scoring: If you have taken two exams, the average of both is calculated. If you have chosen two areas of study, you will receive two marks. For each area, calculate the average of the two best marks for the subjects passed which are linked to the chosen degree programme.
Final mark: The definitive mark is the average of both phases. The average cannot be calculated if either of the two averages is below four. Your mark will allow you to apply for the pre-enrolment.

2. Topics and learning material

3. Exam Models

4. Professors/Lecturers in charge of subjects 

5. Enrollment

Closing date: From 1 to 22 February 2024. Rates are 78,20 euros.


  1. Photocopy of the ID card, NIE (identification number for foreign citizens) or passport .
  2. Signed declaration stating you do not already hold qualifications required for access by any other means.
  3. Proof of being a member of a family with three or more children or a disability, if applicable.

6. Time and Place

The University Entrance Exams for students over 25 takes place on the Burjassot campus. 

Aulario Interfacultativo
Avda. 1º de Mayo, s/n
Burjassot (Valencia) 

 7. Statistical of the exams