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You need to take these exams if you do NOT have the necessary qualifications to access the university or if you cannot accredit professional work experience and you turn 45 before 1 October of the same year.
When you register for the exam, you must indicate the chosen university degree programme. Once you have the mark, you can apply for a place at the university where the exam was taken.
To be admitted, you must attend a personal interview in which you will be given a pass or fail mark.

1. Description of the exam

It consists of three exams:

Text analysis of a current event (Guidelines/Exam Model)

Spanish language (Model and Biography)

Valencian language (List of topics/ Model/ Biography)

Note: Under no circumstances can you be exempt from the Spanish and Valencian exams.

2. Topics and learning material

3. Exam Models

4. Enrollment

Period:  From 1 to 25 February 2022.

Online enrollment

5. Time and place for the examination

The examinations for University Acces for +45 students will take place at the Burjassot Campus.

Aulario Interfacultativo
Avda. 1º de Mayo, s/n
Burjassot (València) 

6. Final Mark

The final mark is the result of calculating the scores of the different exams, with a required minimum of 4, in the following way: 50% for the text analysis and 25% for each of the remaining exams. The resulting mark must be equal or higher than 5 to be eligible for a personal interview.

7. Interview of aptitude

The interview will be given a pass or fail. In order to enrol it must be passed.