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Through this regulation, it is regulated the organisation and functioning of the Governing Council, as the distribution of the number of representatives of deans, directors of school or its associations, as provided in the articles 89, 92 and 212 of the Statutes.

Article 92 of the Statutes

  1. The Senate, on the proposal of the Governing Council, approves the regulation of functioning of this one.
  2. The regulation could determine if the Governing Council can operate in a plenary session or in committees, if it is the case, the composition of the committees proportionally to the groups of members designated or elected, which form part of the plenary session. The plenary session of the Governing Council could delegate in the committees, for favourable agreement of the absolute majority of its members, the decision of all those issues which are not granted for law or for these Statutes. In any case and by the same majority it could be decided the call back.
  3. The plenary session of the Governing Council should meet, at least, once every two months and whenever the Principal decides or when it is requested by a 10% of its members, indicating the issues that request to include in the agenda.
  4. For the valid constitution of the plenary session and the committees is required the presence of the Principal or the General Secretary or whoever has to replace them, and at least half of the members of the body. In the second call, which can be set 30 minutes after the first will be enough with the presence of a third of the members, in addition of the Principal or the General Secretary or whoever has to replace them.
  5. The call signed by the General Secretary and with the approval of the Principal, must be accompanied by the agenda and a documentary appendix and should be submitted 72 hours before. In urgent cases, the deadline period could be less, and in order to adopt previous agreements will be vote the existence or not of the urgency and if it is not approved, the meeting will be adjourned.
  6. It will be not valid the deliberation or adoption of agreements on issues not included in the agenda, except that being present all members of the Council, they agree by majority to discuss the issue.
  7. The agreements shall be adopted by the majority of votes, that if it is the case, these Statutes and other relevant provisions. Except that it is provided another thing, it is understood that:
    1. The majority is determined taking into account the members present at the time of the vote.
    2. There is a majority of votes in favour of a proposal if there are more votes in favour that against this one. If regarding to a same issue it results approved different contradictory proposals it should be done a new vote in which the members of the body only could opt for one of the approved proposals or by none of them.
  8. The equality of votes it is resolved with the vote of the presidency.

Internal Regulation