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In accordance with the article 113 of the Statutes of the University of Valencia, the Statutes committee will be constituted, as a consultive committee of the central bodies of the University of a permanent nature. The composition of the committee and its organisation rules and functioning have to be approved by the Senate.

Article 113 of the Statutes

To contribute to the most correct exercise of the competences of the central bodies of the University, representative committees of the sectors of the university community will participate in the corresponding procedures.

The creation and suppression of committees of a permanent nature is competence of the Governing Council.

The Statutes Committee has to be constituted on a permanent basis.

The approval and modification of the organisation rules and functioning of the Statutes Committee are competence of the Senate.

Members of the committees have to cease whenever the body is totally renewed that, if the opportunity arises, have elected them. Students’ managers are renewed annually.

The presidency of the Statutes Committee corresponds to the member of the Committee elected by the Committee by an absolute majority.

For its functions exercise, the committees may ask experts’ advice.

Organisation and Functioning Rules