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#somaccesibles, new campaign of the Library and Documentation Service

  • September 16th, 2021

The Master Plan of the Libraries and Documentation Service has specified fourteen lines of strategic action (LAE), in which we will work over the next three years. Within the framework of LAE 14 ("Adapt the spaces and infrastructures of the SBD so that they respond to the needs of the environment and contribute values ​​to users") we find the initiative to carry out adaptation actions to achieve more accessible libraries. Combined with LAE 2 ("Develop a dissemination plan focused on greater use and knowledge of the resources and services available among the university community), we launched the #somaccesibles campaign, aimed at promoting and disseminating the support products that are available in our libraries The campaign is endorsed by UVdiscapacitat.

On the second Thursday of each month, a product to support or equip libraries in terms of accessibility will be publicized: lecterns, magnifying glasses, etc. with photos of the libraries on the SBD social media (Facebook and Instagram) with the hashtag #somaccesibles.

From the Libraries and Documentation Service we work to promote and promote accessible services and activities with the aim of becoming an inclusive library that favors inclusion and equality.