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El SBD is involved in two REBIUN's working groups:

1. Working group linked to Line 3 of the REBIUN 2020's Strategic Plan III

 LINE 3: To promote the development and use of the Digital Library 2.0, the Internet and social networks.
Line 3 works in various projects related to technologies through digitization and documentary heritage preservation initiatives, implementation of mobile technologies and strengthening content repositories, integration and interoperability for promoting new value-added services, etc.
As specific activities carried out during the 2013, the SBD coordinated the preparation of the Catalog of digitization iniciatives of documentary heritage in university and scientific libraries
All group information can be found on the REBIUN  website

2. Stable Workgroup of repositoris

This group was created in the REBIUN XIX Assembly and is within the framework of the coordination of Strategic Line 3. It is responsible for Strategic Aim 3: Strengthen content repositories and Research and institutional teaching data, and take advantage of technologies and interoperability in order to drive new value-added services (CRIS, observatory, trends,...)

As specific activities during the 2013 it coordinated the Action 2: Evaluation of REBIUN institutional repositories. The result of that action was the review of "the Institutional Research Repostiories Evaluation Guide"
All group information can be found on the REBIUN website

3. Work group in digital competence of the Line 2 of REBUIN

The work group CI of the Line 2 of REBUIN is working in the adaptation of the standard model in the CI2 Decalogue and its competence development to the digital competences’ model, in accordance with DIGCOMP: development and digital competence comprehension framework in Europe.

The entire group’s information can be found at the REBUIN’s Digital Competence website.


4. Work group in shared services

This group works in the Interlibrary loan services, as well as the study of those services that may be of interest to university libraries.

The entire group’s information can be found at the REBUIN’s website.



The Universitat de València participates in the Dialnet Project since 2005. The library staff of the Universitat is responsible for the current and retrospective dumping in DIALNET of 115 magazine titles, which implies 280 monthly introduced documents. Since July 2011, chapters of collective works and congresses edited by the Universitat are also indexed according.

DIALNET is compiled within interlibrary loan service and the service of printed magazine provision, which has led to an increase of the petitions of documents referenced in DIALNET requested to these two services. Additionally, a part of the introduced data is used as the entrance to RODERIC repository.

The main objective of UV’s participation in DIALNET is to give visibility of its own production, not only dumping magazines and collective works, but also reviewing and completing information ofr the authors included in DIALNET who are a part of the university community. Hence, in the latter years, work is being carried out to improve information related to the UV, which is available through the UV’s institutional site in DIALNET. In them, each UV authors have their own personal pager where their publications are compiled.

The current state of the project is reflected in the Dialnet 2013 Report
Any error found along the information shall be communicated at:


Since 2004 the SBD is member of GEUIN, the Spanish Group of system users of the Millennium libraries management). This group defends the interests of the libraries which use this software in Spain and acts as a representative for the Enterprise Innovative Interface Inc.
The SBD takes part yearly in all the meetings of the group, and it has presented powers in several occasions in the Assemblies which are organized every two years and in which some solutions are made public and its own developments carried out by the different libraries of the group. Programme of the 11th GEUIN Assembly held in Seville.


Since 2013 the SBD (Libraries and Documentation Service) of the UV collaborates in the elaboration of authority recordings in Cantic, the Authorities Catalogue of Names and Titles of Catalonia, which is coordinated by the Library of Catalonia and in which universities and other institutions of a cultural nature which use Catalan as the official Language for the elaboration of the content of its catalogues take part.
The SBD elaborates authorities in accordance with the international regulations (AACR2, RDA, and MARC21) and the specific guidelines of the Cantic. The fact of collaborating in this project is considered strategic for the SBD since standardization is an indirect way of contributing     our authors’ standardized names in other International files of authors like VIAF ( or the CERL Thesaurus .


The UV collaborated between 2010 and 2012 in the project Europeana Regia, funded with the collaboration of the European Committee. This project, in which other important European Libraries participated (BnF, Bayerische Staatsbibliothek, Royal Library if Belgium, Herzog August Bibliothek), had as a purpose the digitalization and access to more than 1,500 medieval and Renaissance manuscripts belonging to important Royal collections.
The SBD (Libraries and Documentation Service) provided 92 Renaissance manuscripts of the Aragonese Neapolitan kings’ collection.


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