Results of pre-enrolment

Once you know the results, if you have not been admitted to the degree programme of your choice, you will be assigned a waiting list number.

If you have been admitted in the second or successive choices and you do not wish to lose the assigned place, you must enrol within the deadline and under the conditions stipulated by the faculty or school. If you do not do so, it is understood that you reject the place and it will be reassigned.

Waiting lists 2021

The waiting lists are not face-to-face, each award is published on the University's website, and interested persons will check the results individually, so it is necessary to be aware of the dates of the appeals: the awards of places to students who are on the waiting list will be made on 26 and 29 of july, and 2 september.

If you are on the waiting list and are interested in obtaining a place, you must access the Universitat de València’s website and confirm your interest in continuing on the waiting list for each of the degrees on which you are on the list, so that you can participate in the adjudication of places in the following call for applications.

The deadline for confirmation of each call is until 23:59 h. of the anterior day.

Note: If you do not make this confirmation, the program will automatically exclude you from the listings, and you will lose the option to be admitted to that degree, and REMEMBER: you must confirm your wish to continue on waiting lists for each of the calls.

If you are assigned a place on the waiting list, you will have to check the website of the centre to which you have been admitted for the registration date. If you are already registered, you will cancel the initial registration before going to formalize the registration in the new place assigned by the waiting list, and so on as many times as you are admitted in a degree that, in order of preference is before the one assigned by pre-registration.

If you have made a claim to the result of the pre-enrolment, you must consult the cut-off marks in the different pre-enrolments and check whether you would obtain a place with your access note (since the result of the claim will not be reflected in the waiting lists), and if so, you will have to go, with the resolution received, to the secretary's office of the centre where the qualification is given.