Out of the total number of places that the University establishes for each degree programme, a percentage of places are reserved for different access routes, mostly corresponding to upper secondary school and advanced vocational training.

  • Students over 25: 3% of the places, with the specific entrance examinations passed.
  • Students over 40: 1% of the places, with accredited professional experience.
  • Students over 45: 1% of the places, with the specific entrance examinations passed.
  • Students with university degrees: 3 % of the places for those who have a university degree or equivalent.

Personal circumstances that may allow access through specific reserved quotas are also taken into consideration:

Students with a disability (5% of the places)

Students with a disability rated at 33% or more or a student with ongoing special education needs associated with personal circumstances of disability.

High-level or Elite High Competition [Levels A or B] (5% of the places + Additional 5% according to Decree 39/2020)

Range of vacancies for new students for the academic year 2023-2024

Degree Places
ADE: Degree in Business Management and Administration 440
+ 70 Ontinyent
Degree in Audiovisual Communication 80
Degree in Biotechnology 80
Degree in Business Intelligence and Analytics 50
Degree in Catalan Studies 70
Degree in Chemical Engineering 48
Degree in Chemistry 160
Degree in Classical Philology 50
Degree in Computer Engineering 43
Degree in Criminology 100
Degree in Data Science 65
Degree in Dentistry 80
Degree in Economics 210
Degree in English Studies 160
Degree in Environmental Sciences 80
Degree in Finance and Accounting 140
Degree in Food Science and Technology 64
Degree in Gastronomic Sciences 50
Degree in Geography and the Environment 80
Degree in Hispanic Studies: Spanish Language and Literature 80
Degree in History 220
Degree in History of Art 180
Degree in Human Nutrition and Dietetics 144
Degree in Industrial Electronic Engineering 50
Degree in Information and Documentation 50
Degree in International Business 150
Degree in Journalism 80
Degree in Labour Relations and Human Resources 250
Degree in Law 560
Degree in Mathematics 80
Degree in Medicine 336
Degree in Modern Languages and Literatures 100
Degree in Multimedia Engineering 50
Degree in Nursing 325
+ 65 Ontinyent
Degree in Optics and Optometry 50
Degree in Pedagogy 160
Degree in Pharmacy 208
Degree in Philosophy 120
Degree in Physical Activity and Sports Science 150
+ 50 a Ontinyent
Degree in Physics 57
Degree in Physiotherapy 160
Degree in Podiatry 60
Degree in Political Sciences and Administration 75
Degree in Preschool Education 300
+ 50 Ontinyent
Degree in Primary School Education 500
Degree in Psychology 450
Degree in Social Education 160
Degree in Social Work 230
Degree in Sociology 75
Degree in Sociology + Political Sciences and Public Administration 40
Degree in Speech Therapy 80
Degree in Telecommunications Electronic Engineering 64
Degree in Telematics Engineering 49
Degree in Tourism 150
Degree in Translation and Interlinguistic Mediation
Language B German
Degree in Translation and Interlinguistic Mediation
Language B English
Degree in Translation and Interlinguistic Mediation
Language B French
Double Degree in Business Management and Administration + Law 100
Double Degree in Chemistry and Chemical Engineering 20
Double degree in Law + Criminology 90
Double Degree in Law + Economics 50
Double degree in Law + Political Sciences and Administration 50
Double Degree in Mathematics and in Computer Engineering 15
Double degree in Mathematics and in Telematics Engineering 15
Double Degree in Pharmacy and Human Nutrition and Dietetics 48
Double Degree in Physics and Chemistry 20
Double Degree in Physics and Mathematics 30