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How to make a request and how to register

1. Through the website application form

The first time he accesses to the application form, the user has to register in the Interlibrary Loan Service. You should request the documents filling out correctly the application form with the bibliographical data necessary for searching it. The application forms must be submitted individually, with a request for each article, chapter or book.


2.  You can also make the requests by contacting:

University of Valencia
Documentation and Libraries Service
Interlibrary Loan Service 
Edifici de La Nau, 4a planta
C/ Universitat, 2
46003 València
Telephones: (+34) 96 386 4198 / 96 386 4199 / 96 398 3016 / 96 398 3782
Fax: (+34) 96 386 4833
Email: prestamo@uv.es


How to request documents through DIALNET (only for UV members)

For requesting documents from the DIALNET database, you should register first as user  of the Interlibrary Loan Service, in case you are not registered user, and after as user of the DIALNET system.

When the articles requested are in the UV collection, these will be supplied by email for free. In this case the regulations that rule this type of requests, will be the same as the  articles supply from the Newspaper Library of the UV ( since these are not requests from the Interlibrary Loan)

When the articles and/or chapters requests are not in the University of Valencia, these will be requested by Interlibrary Loan to other libraries, the prices and regulations applied will be those from  the Interlibrary Loan Service.


Where to collect and return the documents 

Once received the documents, the user can pick up them at the Interlibrary Loan Service (La Nau building).

The users who are members of a department or  of a research project with an account-deposit open in the Interlibrary Loan Service Section will receive the copies in the Office of the Secretary of their department.

The users without deposit-account should go in all cases to collect the requested documents and pay the service making a bank deposit.

In the case of lending originals, all users should returned it at  the Interlibray Loan Service (La Nau building).

The use of any publication received, in its original format or in a copy, will be done according to the legislation on Intellectual Property. Any infringement in these laws is responsibility of the user.